New loom: shopping list

Looking at the new loom, I can see I have a challenge ahead of me. The loom has a sectional warp beam which I have never worked with. The adavantage to a sectional warp beam is the ability to pack in a lot of warp while reducing the problems with tensioning at the from of the loom.

Of course having a sectional warp beam means I need even more stuff. My shopping list:

  • Tension box
  • Yarn counter
  • Spools – I will need LOTS of these as I like to weave at 36 threads per inch and the sections are 2″ instead of one
  • Spool rack – I can make this

In addition the loom has very few heddles and tie-up cords. I think I am going to invest in Texsolv for both. I can hear my credit card groaning right now.

New loom has arrived

So, yesterday, my friend Dave Rose and I went to Indiana and back to pick up a larger loom. Five and a half hours each way. Erk! But the company (and his driving) was great.

We got to Crown Point after 1:00 pm EST. And we had a clue some things may not go as planned. One: Dave had a Toyota, not a Chevy Suburban like my husband said and two the loom was larger than what LeClerc said it was on their web site. Square peg, round hole.

The whole loom had to be disassembled. Now, I will say that the LeClerc loom is a work of art with craftsmanship that is almost unheard of in this century. The joins are not made to come apart. Ever. It took three people that take apart the loom which was bigger than a small house. The heat got to my head and I did not remember to take pictures during the disassembly process despite having a camera.

It eventually fit in the car with minimal human injury. By some miracle, I was able to reassemble the loom this morning with no leftover or missing pieces!

So, here it is with my Schacht Baby Wolf for comparison:

For size comparison: the 48" loom next to the 24 " loom
For size comparison: the 48" loom next to the 24 " loom

Getting started

I am wondering how professional hand weavers do it. I mean, I start working on a project that I could sell, towels, scarves, etc. but then a bunch of weddings happens and there goes my stock. Hopefully, I have put on a long enough warp that I’ll have something left over.

Black and white towels on the loom
Black and white towels on the loom

I have one set for a wedding we went to at the end of May (so I’m a bit late) and then for one in August.  With any luck, there might be a couple left for Etsy.

July 11th – the 45″ LeClerc Nilus II with 8 harnesses, senal warp beam and fly shuttle will be on its way!!!