You may notice a few things around here. I am back to paying attention to my digital life. I left my job at RED Capital Group and am now revising my site in hopes of freelancing my graphic design skills. Right now I am arguing with a plugin to display my portfolio. I realized that I have been using Illustrator for over 30 years. Wow.

When it comes to the textile area of my life, I have made changes there, too. Thanks to a basement flood and cats, my poles for arashi shibori were ruined. It turns out that is not a bad thing as it allowed me to take time and realize that I am happiest working on researching and recreating textiles. Spinning and weaving to match a small piece of history. So I am putting some shibori to the back – I know I will return to it. But I am happiest weaving yardage for reenacts and museums.

Like and Love

Fig. 7 - Fabric on loomWhat is the difference between liking what you do and loving it? It is something I thought long and hard about this summer while recovering from surgery.

I like dyeing my scarves. I like shibori and the magic I see when I pull the dried scarf off the poles. I like the colors and challenges and chemistry and working with silk. And that is a good thing. However, I don’t wear scarves day-to-day. I am really not a scarf person. And it is hard to sell something you don’t wear.

But I love weaving. Specifically, I love weaving from archaeological sources. My library is full of source material. I dream in weaving drafts and love to warp the loom. Dyeing the yarns to match period colors. Drafting the weave. Finishing the cloth. It is as close as I can get to time travel. As a friend said, I have always had my head there.

I think you are going to see more and more history here; natural dyes, sources, projects. I have three medieval commissions. I also have a copy of a weaver’s account book from 1814 with his drafts and dye recipes. And I will be twining prehistoric Hopewell fabrics. this is where my head is. My passion.

This is the difference between like and love.