It’s ALIVE!!

Finally, after all the work, the Big Kahuna of a loom is ready for business. I have finally put on Tex-Solv heddles after my sweet husband mentioned he enjoyed my sanity and not the insane cursing and muttering in playing with making my own. I do know it can be done. And for that I am grateful… but more for having an understanding spouse! I purchased the heddles from my fellow weaving guild member, Barb Gallagher from Weaver’s Loft in Indiana. They were installed in less than an hour after the package arrived.

What took longer was threading the previous owner’s warp though them and setting up the treadling. One of the challenges was tying up the treadles. For whatever reason, the seven inch tie up cords lead to an uneven and narrow shed. After removing the threaded reed and disassembling the beater, lowering it, reassembling, disassembling again and reassembling, I still had the issue. It seems that the design of the treadles pull the warp unevenly. In order to make the cords pull consistently, I installed small spools in different combinations. Now I have the harnesses moving somewhat evenly.


Now I can weave! I have threaded the loom for a waffle weave which will give me a dimensional fabric. The warp is 16″ wide which I think will give me about 12″ of width after washing. I am not entirely sure what the original owner was going to make with the 16 -20 yards she wound on, but I am thinking there will be a lot of towels for Christmas!

Fabric on the loom