My Exercise Wheel – The Flyer Unit

If you bought the flyer unit, finish the wood and put it together and go to the next page. If you didn’t, this is what you have to do:

Cut off the tire.

Take the handlebars off the bike. Put in your large dowel rods as far as they will go. Then, measure an inch from the top of the bike tubes. Take the dowels out and saw them at the mark you just made. Put the dowels back into the bike tubes. You want the dowels to be level so you may have to hammer them down a bit.

Mark the centers of the dowels above and drill pilot holes. Measure the distance between the pilot holes.

handlebarsOn the back of the large wood base, mark the distance between the pilot holes. Drill, using the largest bit halfway though the wood. Use a small bit to drill though the center of the hole you made all the way through the wood.


Set aside the bottom base for now. You will need the maidens, flyer and top base. Put the flyer on the maidens. Measure the distance between the centers of the bottoms of the maidens. For me, it was 8-5/8″. When you are absolutely sure you have the right measurement, drill 5/8″ holes along the center of the sign.

Top base with flyer and maidensNote: the top base was thinner than the peg on the bottoms of the maidens. My husband took an antique thread spool, drilled a 5/8″ hole through the spool and cut it in half. That allowed extra depth.

Cut the head off the screw that came with your drawer pull with a hacksaw. Wet the inside of the drawer pull, shake it out, and put in a few drops of Gorilla Glue. Screw the drawer pull and screw together and let dry. This will be your tension knob.

Screw the maidens into the base and put in the flyer with a bobbin.

Tale a level or straight edge and mark where the groove in the back of the bobbin would hit the base on each side of the bobbin. Drill an 1/8″ pilot hole for the cup hooks. Mark on the right side a point about an inch back from the from maiden parallel to the right cup hook. Drill a 1/4″ hole. Cut a 1/4″ dowel 2-1/2″ long and drill a 1/16″ hole through one end. This is your brake band path. Thread a non-stretchy yarn (I like seine twine for this) though the hole in the dowel and tie it. Tie the other end to a small spring or a covered ponytail elastic. Put the elastic on the cup hook on the left side, take the yarn across the back grove of the bobbin, pull the yarn through the cup hook on the right side, and insert the dowel into the hole. Twist the dowel to take up any slack. This is your brake band.

Mark a point on the right side about halfway between the cup hook and the brake dowel. Depending on the width of the base, this point can be in front or behind the brake band. Drill a hole to match the size of the screw that goes with the drawer pull. Screw in the tension knob. Take the flyer unit off the top base.

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  1. i think i almost died when i was neurotically searching “indian head spinner for sale” and saw this post.
    this is absolutely AWESOME!!!
    thank you for sparking the creativity ….i had just wanted to put an indian head hooked up to a plain bike wheel…no more!…i’m on a search for a stationary bike!

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