My Exercise Wheel – Putting the Bases Together

Put the top base with the flyer unit on top of the bottom base and center it. Mark the bottom base and the left side (the thin part) of the top base for hinge placement. Drill the top and bottom base and screw in hinges so the top of the base can open like a book.

HingesPut the flyer assembly back on the top base and screw it in. Look at the front of the flyer unit where the flyer meets the front maiden. Mark on the bottom base parallel to one of the whorls, about 1″ from the outside edge of the bottom base on each side. Drill a hole to match your flange size.

FlangeOn the right side of the bottom base, on the side, drill a 1/8″ pilot hole towards the front for a cup hook (to hold your threading hook).

Now take the whole thing apart. Sand and finish all of the wood. I suggest using Danish Oil or a good quality polyurethane. Take a few days to get it right.

If you notice, on the bottom base, I wrote the typical yarn sizes and their wraps per inch. If you decide to do the same, stain the wood first, write on the wood (I used a Micron Pigma Black Marker size 01), then use the polyurethane.

Put the whole unit back together.  Parts togetherNext: Final Assembly ->

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