My Exercise Wheel – Pieces and Parts

So you want to make a wheel from your exercise bike. Here is a list of things you will need.

An Exercise Bike

No, really. You do need one of those. Specifically, you need an older one with a bike wheel in the front with a tire. Most exercise bikes today have an encased fan instead of a wheel. You can find old stationery bikes on Craigslist cheap.

Spinning Wheel Parts

I was lucky. I have owned an Ashford Traditional Spinning wheel for years. My awesome husband, knowing I liked to spin fine yarns, gave me a Lace Flyer for Christmas the year they came out. I replaced the pieces and save the old ones in case I built my exercise wheel. You may find an antique that is in pieces and you can salvage from that. You, however, may not be so fortunate and will have to buy the parts.

Ashford Standard Flyer Unit, Single Drive  – Make your life easy and get this. It would have made what I did a heck of a lot easier. Everything is pre-measured and drilled. this unit contains a flyer, maidens, base for the maidens, brake band and knob.

Ashford Standard Bobbins for the Traditional – buy at least three.

Base & Hardware

  • Inkeeper plaques from my local craft store. One was 9″ x 19″, and the other was 6″ x 13″. If you buy the unit above, you will not need the smaller base. I needed both.
  • Hinges (2) – you will need to hinge the top base to the bottom base.
  • Drawer pull (if you did not buy the flyer unit)
  • Cup Hooks or eye hooks (if you did not buy the flyer unit)
  • Dowels – here you have to measure. Remove the handlebars from the bike and measure their diameter. You will want dowels to the same size to replace the handle bars and to give the flyer unit a base to mount it. In addition, a 1/4″ dowel for the pulleys and for the brake if you did not purchase the flyer unit.
  • Screws – use the ones from the jar that you have been storing all the ones you find around the house.
  • Flanges (2) – I used these to prevent the wood from snagging the drive band
  • Sava CBL-990 Steel Pulley Wheel For cable size to 3/16, Bore (A)=1/4 Diameter – You will need 2. I searched long and hard for a ball bearing pulley and this was the best I found.


  • Measuring Tape – the most important tool of all. Measure twice, drill once!!
  • Power Drill
  • Drill bits – one needs to be the diameter of the dowel above (mine was 1″). I also needed a drill bit to match the screws of the hinges, the cup hooks, and bottoms of the maidens (5/8″). 1/4″ drill bit that can drill metal is essential.
  • Screwdrivers – flat and phillips
  • Hammer
  • Wine – for celebrating your success or easing your frustration.

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