My Exercise Bike – Final Assembly

Take the flyer unit on its bases over to the bike. Put the bottom base onto the dowels. Screw the bottom base onto the dowels.

On the main part of the bike, behind the tension knob on the frame, drill a 1/4″ hole all the way through the frame. I suggest taking a large nail and a hammer to mark where the hole is supposed to be. Otherwise, the drill cannot get a good surface to drill and it will skitter across the round surface.

Take one of the pulleys and insert the 1/4″ dowel cut to about 6″ in length. Thread the dowel through the hole in the bike. Put the other pulley on the other side. You may have to pound the pulleys a bit on the dowel to get them close to the bike frame.

Take some good twine or cotton yarn and thread up through the flange on the left side over the flyer, down the flange on the right side, behind the pulley, through the front of the wheel, around to the back of the wheel, behind the left pulley and up through the left flange again. Tie it really tight. You may have to adjust the tension drawer pull to increase the tension. If the drive band tends to fall off the pulleys, pound the pulleys closer to the wheel. It will likely take some fiddling to get the drive band to catch and start turning the flyer. But once it does, you will be on your way to making yarn!

another view of drive bandPath of drive bandIf want me to do the work for you and put together an exercise bike/spinning wheel for you, please contact me using the form below. Keep in mind, I live in Ohio and delivery via UPS or USPS would be really expensive.


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