New loom: shopping list

Looking at the new loom, I can see I have a challenge ahead of me. The loom has a sectional warp beam which I have never worked with. The adavantage to a sectional warp beam is the ability to pack in a lot of warp while reducing the problems with tensioning at the from of the loom.

Of course having a sectional warp beam means I need even more stuff. My shopping list:

  • Tension box
  • Yarn counter
  • Spools – I will need LOTS of these as I like to weave at 36 threads per inch and the sections are 2″ instead of one
  • Spool rack – I can make this

In addition the loom has very few heddles and tie-up cords. I think I am going to invest in Texsolv for both. I can hear my credit card groaning right now.

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