Current Textile Research Projects

Hopewell Textile Replication
This project is for the Ohio Historical Society. I am producing twined samples based on the artifacts in their collection, specifically, alternate pair spaced weft twining.

Sutton Hoo Samples and Yardage
I am spinning and weaving samples of textiles from the Sutton Hoo ship burial in Suffolk, England dated to the 7th century. The burial was a treasure trove of polymorphs and textiles. Specifically, I am reproducing 2 of the textiles.

The first is a sample of the fine broken lozenge twill that will be sett at 84 threads to an inch and will yield a sett of 100+ after finishing. I am spinning the yarn for this sample as 1) the yarn is not commercially available and 2) the yarn must be spun in two different directions – Z for the warp and S for the weft.

The second piece will be yardage for a king’s tunic sett at 30-36 ends per inch in a broken lozenge twill. Because of the amount of yarn required, I will have a local mill spin the yarn for me in Z and S directions.

Both warps will be madder dyed and the wefts will be dyed in woad.

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