Textile Replication

In addition to Shibori textiles, I have another great passion – the textiles of the past. Nothing makes me happier than when I am threading the loom with a pattern literally dug up from an archaeological site. I love trying to match the density of the weave, the pattern and the color. When you hold a recreation of a period fabric in your hands, you can travel time. Some of my past projects include recreating an Anglos Saxon Cyrtel, including spinning, weaving and dyeing, weaving table linens from an extant textile in the V&A archives and twining prehistoric Hopewell textiles.

I own multiple looms including a 16 shaft mechanical dobby loom, and am well versed in many weaving techniques both on and off loom, tapestry to twining prehistoric fabrics. I can spin both on wheel and spindle and enjoy natural dyeing.

I will periodically be adding documentation of some of the projects I have done. If there is a fabric which you would like me to investigate and replicate, please use the Contact form below.

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