Great Lake Sheep and Wool Show

My friend, Kim, of Loch Lomond Studios, will be in Wooster this weekend (Memorial Day weekend). She has the most gorgeous colors of fibers and get this: they are all naturally dyed. Seriously stash enhancing potential. She is being kind enough to take up some of my naturally dyed quilt fabrics to sell in her booth too! Go see her and see how fabulous she is.

Also see my other friend, Kim, at Lucky Cat Craft. She has the softest fiber including wild silks, cashmere and yak.

I, unfortunately, will not be going this year as I have to help cut down trees for the MIL. And none of them have useable bark or heartwood for dyeing to make up for it. Boo.

Studio-temporarily clean

For those of you who with a home studio, I am sure you have a dance you do when guests come over. Especially if you are a messy/creative person. The stuff that is laying around the kitchen, living room and spare bedroom gets dumped into the studio. And there it stays. For weeks until you have time to start clearing stuff out, a little at a time until you create a path wide enough that you can work without the danger of coats and cats falling on your head.

Then another visitor comes over and the dance stats again.

For once I had visitors who wanted to see my studio and did not need to use the spare bedroom. That meant I had a reason to uncover the floor!

Here are pictures of my studio in its pristine state. Take a look now as it will only last until the next guest appears. Then I will have to find the spare bed.