My Exercise Wheel – Intro

So here is my exercise wheel:

Exercise Bike/Spinning Wheel
Exercise Bike/Spinning Wheel

You saw it before in my video on YouTube. I took it apart and reconfigured it using better wood for the base. In addition, I painted the base and finished the wood to resemble an antique sewing machine. The motifs are patterns I learned from Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I used Jacki and Laydee for the vines. I love Zentangles and this is one of the best books.

The main reason I took the bike apart is so I could take photos of the process for this blog. So I guess it is on with the show!

Pieces and Parts–>

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  1. What a very clever ideal. It makes me wish that I would liked to spin yarn. But, that that isn’t the case, I will have to think about how to exercise & paint at the same time. Your bike designs are gorgeous, too

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