Etsy: Keeping Your Listings Straight

You know how it is. You love that purple fabric and you just made 2 bags with it. Or those earrings you just finished look so similar to the ones you listed last week. Then you get a sale. Is it the red scarf with orange and pink or the red one with pink and orange?

As a fiber artist I have a limited palette of dyes and sometimes have scarves that look similar in photographs. I would have to really look at my photos to make sure I was sending my customer the right one.

Recently I was looking at the URLs for my listings and I found the secret to keeping organized. Every item on Etsy has a unique identifier, an ID, that keeps track of your item in Etsy’s database. This ID is your Listing Number. Etsy uses this number to keep track of all the details about your listing allowing you to make changes to the title of your bracelet and still have the link to your bracelet function.

This ID can be found in the URL. Look for a 9-digit number in your listing’s address. For example, here is a listing address: After “listing/” you will see 124846996. That is the unique identifier also known as your Listing Number.

After I list an item, I write that number on a tag attached to that item. When I have a sale, I click on the image of the sold piece which will take me to the listing. On the right side of the page I look for “Listing #” in the Item panel. I match the tag number to the Listing Number and then I know I am sending the right scarf.

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  1. That was a splendid bit of info. I, too, often have things that are similar. I have never made the mistake of sending the wrong thing on Etsy, but I did do it on Ebay once. Thankfully the customer was forgiving and patient about getting the correct shipment to her.
    I will make note of that number from here on in. Maybe a little spreadsheet with a copy and paste technique would do the trick!

  2. I had no idea! This is inspiring me to really utilize Etsy’s extensive internal tools/and organization to be better about organizing myself and my shop practices. The ID number could serve as an instant cohesive merchandising code as well! I will being using this great tidbit for certain. Thank you!

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