Decisions, decisions

Or what should I do with my life.

In the real world, I am a full-time designer. I work at a company that provides financing for affordable, multifamily and seniors housing communities. I love the people I work with. I am not only the designer, I am also the code monkey for the internet and intranet (SharePoint) for the company. I have rebranded the company and am doing the best design of my life. Not bad when you consider when I started, we had eight people in the marketing department and we are now down to two. I get a lot of positive feedback for my work and I manage to get everything done.

We acquired another a small group for a new department. I have always responded to them within 24 hours and have tried my best accommodate them despite their lack of response to my inquiries.

They threw me under the bus. Twice. Within 24 hours. To the CEO.

Despite “covering my ass with paper” as my dad says (this means I have email documentation for every interaction, request and follow ups) they are blaming my boss and I. For everything. The CEO has withdrawn support for us and is siding with these folks despite a paper trail that we are doing what we are supposed to. It was brutal last week and I am totally bruised.

So. The resume is going online and I am posting my portfolio.

That said, I am really having a hard think about changing careers. I am at the point that I have a portfolio of historic recreations with documentation. I am working on clearing my project decks so I can take on some contracts this spring. Who knows, maybe this is what I am meant to do and the time to do it.

A Challenge

You haven’t seen me post a lot this year. And I have had to cancel most of my events due to health issues. You see, I haven’t been able to spin, weave or dye in months due to pain.

Not being able to do any of my fiber art is like taking away one of my senses. If you are on this page, you know that creating is like breathing to me. My hands must be busy at all times. I kept a spinning wheel in my car and a spindle in my purse. I was ramping up my historical textiles – spinning, dyeing and weaving. And then the pain came.

I have pain in my hands. Tendinitis, Raynauds, and other pain. My feet developed plantar fasciatis and arthritis of the toes. I had to stop spinning during a Judith MacKenzie workshop and and that was a devastating blow. It was obvious I was pushing my extremities too far. Though wearing three splints to bed at a time was pretty amusing.

To fill my time I have been drawing Zentangle inspired art. I take pens with me to the places I used to take a spindle. You can see a new page, Fine art and Prints in the navigation and I will be putting prints into my Etsy store.

In addition, I have been looking into adaptive technology for the fiber artist. I have a new electric spinning wheel made by HansenCrafts which is allowing me to spin with minimal pain. I have a pair of Doc Martens with inserts so I can walk with minimal limping. I wear fingerless gloves at the keyboard to keep my hands warm. I am looking into what I can do for weaving on the floor looms. Maybe crafters gloves or splints.

If I can make an exercise spinning wheel, I can figure this out. This is a challenge and it is not going to stop me.

Columbus Monthly

Shibori dyed and pleated scarfWhat an honor! I was one of the Etsy folks from around Columbus featured on page 59 of Columbus Monthly Magazine. I am so thrilled! If you came here from Columbus Monthly, here are a few links for you:

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Like and Love

Fig. 7 - Fabric on loomWhat is the difference between liking what you do and loving it? It is something I thought long and hard about this summer while recovering from surgery.

I like dyeing my scarves. I like shibori and the magic I see when I pull the dried scarf off the poles. I like the colors and challenges and chemistry and working with silk. And that is a good thing. However, I don’t wear scarves day-to-day. I am really not a scarf person. And it is hard to sell something you don’t wear.

But I love weaving. Specifically, I love weaving from archaeological sources. My library is full of source material. I dream in weaving drafts and love to warp the loom. Dyeing the yarns to match period colors. Drafting the weave. Finishing the cloth. It is as close as I can get to time travel. As a friend said, I have always had my head there.

I think you are going to see more and more history here; natural dyes, sources, projects. I have three medieval commissions. I also have a copy of a weaver’s account book from 1814 with his drafts and dye recipes. And I will be twining prehistoric Hopewell fabrics. this is where my head is. My passion.

This is the difference between like and love.